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The future is still uncertain. What are you doing to help your team make the most of the opportunities and new possibilities that lie ahead? We've designed new content to help keep your people focused, engaged and connected in a disrupted world.

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Open Workshops

Management Essentials - Open Workshop

An essential toolkit for managers, giving you techniques to build, support and drive the performance of those around you.

1 - 12
Full Day

Open Workshops

First Time Manager - Open Workshop

This online workshop is designed to support new and aspiring managers in building foundation skills in people management.

1 - 15
Bite Size

Building Psychological Safety in the Workplace

High performing teams have one thing in common. They benefit from high levels of Psychological Safety where teammates feel safe to be creative, innovative and collaborative.

4 - 15
Full Day / Bite Size

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership relies on your Leaders setting the right tone. Do your employees feel that they have a vital part to play in organisational success? Do they feel valued?

4 - 15
Full Day / Bite Size

Owning Your Development

It’s time to put yourself in the driving seat and take control of your personal development. We will show you how to be proactive in shaping your own development path.

4 - 15
Full Day / Bite Size

The Manager’s Impact

In your role as people manager have you ever stopped to consider the impact you have on others? Gain insights into your behavioural wake, and how important it is.

4 - 15
Full Day / Bite Size

The Momentum Mindset

Your organisational goals have been communicated and the team understand what is required of them. The challenge now is to keep everyone working with collective accountability.

4 - 15
Full Day / Bite Size
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