It's the small things

It's the small things - 25 entertainment inspired ideas to lift your spirits

Personal Resilience
Workplace Wellbeing
Change Management

Every now and again, we all struggle. Change is all around us and that can be exhausting. If you're feeling overwhelmed, lose yourself in something entertaining for a while - it could be just the tonic you need.

  1. Watch a play online – recreate the theatre experience at home with snacks and drinks. Close the curtains
  2. Find a concert on YouTube, put your headphones on and lose yourself in it
  3. Turn up the music and boogie round the kitchen – include other members of your household
  4. Get some wooden spoons and drum along to your favourite song
  5. Search for online sporting highlights in an activity that inspires you – rugby, football, snooker, dressage, trampolining …
  6. Carve out some time to read a book – an actual paper version. Order online, or pick one up in a supermarket, a charity shop or the library
  7. Join the library – they have everything from business books to magazines and most allow you to order online
  8. Change the type of book you normally read. If you’re a fiction fan, try a business book. If you normally read business books, try a reference book
  9. Browse a forum that interests you to get some inspiration
  10. Buy yourself a magazine – a hobby? Or health & lifestyle?
  11. Read a different newspaper to normal
  12. Plan your viewing schedule for the week. What do you want to watch? When will you watch it? What’s been recommended? If you don’t know, ask others for their favourites
  13. Download a soundtrack from a favourite film or TV series
  14. Look at old photos and share the best ones – who would enjoy seeing them?
  15. Turn up the tunes in your car and singalong
  16. Take a picture of something each day from the same spot, capturing the difference in different weather and lighting conditions
  17. Make a mood board of your ideal holiday
  18. Plan a birthday activity for somebody you care about
  19. Shut the world out with headphones, and play whatever music takes your mood
  20. Find a comedy podcast and have a laugh
  21. Go back in time and watch a childhood favourite show or film
  22. Challenge yourself to learn one of the many dance challenges – do it like nobody’s watching
  23. Immerse yourself in a craft activity for a while
  24. Go through your photos and pull out the best of the best to remind yourself of happy moments
  25. Still got DVDs? Dig through them and watch one you haven’t seen for ages

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