First Time Manager

Conversations That Count

Full Day / Bite Size

Engagement, motivation and performance can all be improved right across your organisation, through high-quality conversations. How confident are you that the conversations that count are happening?

Are the valuable, meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations happening? If they are, are they happening in a way that brings the results you want? Too often, the conversations that will have an impact on performance and wellbeing are delayed. This is possibly because of the anticipated challenges of the conversation. In this practical and highly interactive workshop we aim to show you the conversational skills, tools and techniques you’ll need to help build strong working relationships with those around you.

Who is this suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for any manager, new or experienced, responsible for the performance of others.

What we cover

  • Encourage a deeper dialogue between work mates
  • Foster disclosure, active listening, improved understanding and problem solving
  • Create a culture of open communication that builds and maintains healthy team relationships
  • Upskill participants with a number of different tools and techniques that will help them prepare for and lead difficult and challenging conversations
  • Identify key “in conversation” challenges and develop strategies for keeping the conversation on track
  • Understand the role for emotional intelligence in protecting relationships and achieving outcomes

Your questions answered

Can this workshop content be tailored to my organisation?

Yes. We tailor all our workshops in line with your needs. If you want something built to address a specific challenge talk to us.

What is the maximum number of delegates I can have on each workshop?

All our workshops are interactive so smaller groups work best. Ideally a maximum of 10 in person, but depending on the nature of the workshop and budget we can occasionally stretch to 12.

What is the minimum number of delegates I can have on each workshop?

We run plenty of workshops for smaller organisations who may only have a handful of people who need development. 4 would be the minimum.

Do you run open workshops where individuals can attend?

Yes, we run online workshops for Management Essentials and First Time Manager. Please contact us for more details

Can this workshop be delivered remotely?


Which platform do you use for online workshop sessions?

We normally use Zoom as we find this is the most effective platform for training, but can use Microsoft Teams or Skype. Please talk to us if you have a specific platform you’d like to use.

Can this workshop be delivered in person?

Yes, we run in person sessions as well as virtual sessions.

How long is this workshop?

Our virtual bite size workshops can be 90 minutes or 2 hours. Our full day virtual workshops are broken down into 2 sessions of 3 hours each, run on separate days.

Our bite size face to face sessions are 2 hours. Half days are 3 hours, and full days start at 10am and finish at 5pm with an hour for lunch.

How interactive is the workshop?

We have built our reputation on building interactive workshops where we drive delegate engagement and interaction throughout the session.

Will I need to do any preparation?

It depends on the programme. This is driven by you and your organisational needs.

Will delegates need to have their cameras on for online training?

We prefer delegates to be visible as we believe it encourages participation and interaction.

Are the workshops compatible across different time zones?

Yes, we deliver workshops around the globe and across different time zones.

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