Client Story

“We need to evaluate how we’re working, and make sure we’re doing the right things for the right reasons”

Making Hybrid Working Work - A Bespoke Solution For An International Healthcare Charity

An international healthcare charity asked us to help them re-define how they operate. With satellite offices throughout Europe, they realised they could be working smarter. Our brief was to devise a programme that would ensure working practices were streamlined, making the most of the hybrid model.

Following a meeting to discuss the opportunities, we created a programme that met the following:

  • How do we make the most of this opportunity to re-imagine the way we work?
  • How do we carry forward the good practices that have come out of working remotely?
  • What are the mindsets and beliefs we need to instil in our team?

The solution

An all hands, facilitated workshop, included as part of a global virtual conference. Four trainers simultaneously ran a series of themed, interactive workshops, each with a different topic. Delegates rotated between each workshop, ensuring everybody had the opportunity to take part, contribute and provide input to the overall messaging.

From the workshop, a set of guiding principles was produced – “What we leave behind” “What we take forward”


Clarity of purpose and vision. The team valued the opportunity to be part of the process, securing buy-in to the agreed principles.

“It was so good to get together and talk through why we do certain things. We don’t normally have time in the working day to look at ‘how’ we’re working, we just get on with it.”

Marketing Manager

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