Client Story

“We have a mountain to climb with the change that’s coming. How do we get it right?”

Managing Change In The Workplace - A Bespoke Programme For A Global Media Company

A media company with offices around the world approached us to help them face fundamental changes to how the business is run. With 1,000 employees it seemed a daunting task.

Our brief was to answer the following:

  • We haven’t faced such significant change before. What do we need to do to get it right?
  • What can we do to guard against burnout?
  • It’s difficult to get everybody together due to the global nature of the business. How do we keep everybody on board?

The solution

An experienced Change Coach worked with the Change Team, guiding them through the different stages of the change process. This gave them the opportunity to anticipate likely challenges and gain consensus on the best approach to take. There was ongoing support from the Change Coach.

In addition, over the next three months, there were weekly, 60 minute facilitated workshops, designed to share experiences, celebrate progress, identify blockers and agree strategy moving forward.


The rollout was well managed, and an employee survey provided positive feedback.

“The ongoing support was invaluable. Whenever I felt unsure about something, I knew there was guidance available. The weekly workshops really kept us going, and reminded us to celebrate even the small wins!”

Team Leader and Change Team member

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