Client Story

“Our management style needs to move on. The old way isn’t working”

Making Hybrid Working Work - A Bespoke Solution For A Global Manufacturing Company

We were asked by a manufacturing business, with 1,500 employees around the world, to help them change the mindset and approach of the management team. They were working in a very directive way and there was little trust within the workforce.

We had a discussion about the current management style, the desired outcomes, and the best way to approach it given the global nature of the organisation. We designed a solution that answered these questions:

  • How do I move the business from ‘a command and control’ management approach to one that promotes trust and accountability?
  • How do we help the management team see the benefits of an empowered workforce?
  • What is the best way to communicate the changes to our worldwide workforce?

The solution

We attended the Senior Leadership conference, with a speaker slot to explore the behavioural changes needed to move away from a presenteeism mindset towards a culture of empowerment.

A series of bespoke 5 minute videos, designed and created by 360, was simultaneously distributed to all staff to inform and inspire all employees of the new approach.

We also created informative and inspiring content for the organisation learning hub.


There is a shift change in how the management team deal with their hybrid teams. There is a lot more flexibility, and employees are being given more autonomy.

“When you’ve worked a certain way for years, something new takes some getting used to. But I can see the benefits of allowing my team to manage themselves, so long as they get the work done. They are happier too! ”

Area manager

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