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Hybrid working and limiting beliefs

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For hybrid working to be successful, many of us will have to take a leap of faith and commit to a way of working that, for now, doesn’t come with a user manual. That means shaking off any limiting beliefs that may be holding us back.

A limiting belief is a state of mind, conviction, or belief that you think to be true that limits you in some way. This limiting belief could be about you (you’re not good enough, you don’t do well without structure, not experienced enough), your interactions with other people (no one will let you, no one will support you) or with the world and how it works (it’s too difficult, requires too much effort).  Some people get stuck in a frame of mind where they have no control over what happens to them. They believe they are victims of circumstance. However, the alternative is to believe that you can change or influence things by taking charge and adopting a ‘can do’ attitude.

“Believe that you can change or influence things by taking charge and adopting a ‘can do’ attitude”

Challenge your beliefs – ask the right questions

By questioning yourself, you can challenge and move on from this unhelpful state of mind. Ask yourself “What if I’m wrong?” or “How is this belief serving me?” Think about the outcome that it has. How does it impact others?

Be bold and create an alternative belief, reframing the perceived threat or challenge as an opportunity. Dig deep and ask yourself what needs to happen for your belief in hybrid working to change. Identify actions you can take and actions you can perhaps influence others to take.


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