It's the small things

It's the small things - 25 nature inspired ideas to lift your mood

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Every now and again, we all feel that life is an uphill struggle. Fed up with the same old routine? Feel like hiding under the duvet for the day? Give these nature inspired ideas a try - they may be enough to banish the blues.

  1. Buy some flowers or a plant for your desk
  2. Buy a stylish plant pot or refurbish one you already have
  3. Take a walk without your phone – focus on your breathing and your surroundings
  4. Buy a bird feeder and watch the birds, or make one out of leftover oil or fat with seeds
  5. If it’s sunny, take advantage – sit in the sun and enjoy a cup of coffee. Wear your coat if you need to
  6. Buy someone some flowers
  7. Go outside and look for signs of new growth – an emerging plant, a delicate spider web
  8. Look at the sky – study the clouds, the birds, the stars
  9. Stay in bed a little longer than usual and listen to music
  10. Stop and enjoy the view – look out of the window and use your senses. What can you see, hear, feel?
  11. Get up really early and go for a dawn walk
  12. Find a hill and climb to the top. Enjoy the view
  13. Take a picture of something each day from the same spot, capturing the difference in different weather and lighting conditions
  14. Make a mood board of your ideal garden
  15. Buy some new seeds or bulbs for your pots or garden
  16. Start an indoor garden. You can plant a variety of bulbs in different containers. Old yoghurt pots and tin cans will do
  17. Set off in a direction you’ve never been in before. Explore your local neighbourhood
  18. When it’s dark, turn off all the lights and see what you can see in the sky
  19. Go on a nature trail. See how many different types of trees you can identify
  20. Give all the birds that visit your garden, rooftop or balcony a pet name
  21. Go on a moonlight walk
  22. Take a friend for a walk. Show them somewhere they didn’t know about
  23. Go somewhere you’ve never been before – perhaps somewhere you’ve seen somebody else mention
  24. Find out the names of the plants and trees you see around you. Even weeds have proper names
  25. Pick some flowers or stems and put them in a jam jar

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