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Management Essentials - Open Workshop

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People Management
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Monday 12th September 2022 | 10am - 4pm
Thursday 3rd November 2022 | 10am - 4pm
£395 + VAT per person

What does it take to build a high performing, empowered and ultimately accountable team? A team that demonstrates initiative and ownership in a way that drives organisational performance?

In this practical and interactive online workshop we will explore the benefits of building an empowered team. We will show you how to develop your delegation, feedback and coaching skills to support and stretch team performance. You will come away with a clear understanding of how you can make a significant impact on both the performance and engagement levels of those around you.

Who is it suitable for?

This online workshop is ideal for managers who are looking for a practical toolkit to help them build a high performing team.

What we cover

  • Build an understanding of the manager’s behavioural wake and the impact it has on those around them
  • Reflect on your current behavioural wake, identifying those elements that should be amplified and those that might need adjusting
  • Learn how to build strong psychological contracts with your team members, recognising the unique needs and expectations of each individual
  • Explore how to adapt your management style to the individual needs of your team members
  • Develop a toolkit that will help you to build and stretch performance around you including delegation, feedback and coaching
  • Experiment with a range of everyday feedback, coaching and mentoring techniques
  • Increase your confidence and competence in handling challenging performance situations and difficult conversations
  • Discover how to create an inclusive and collaborative team culture and the need to build virtual communication skills
  • Understand the importance of the experimentation mind-set and the role for psychological safety

“The workshop was inspiring, motivating and reassuring. I now understand when to be directive or supportive, how to have different meeting styles for different conversations, and the importance of psychological safety.”

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