Bespoke Solution

Bespoke Workshops

4 -12
Full Day / Bite Size

Whatever your challenges, we'll create a workshop tailored to your exact needs. Practical, motivational, and 100% relevant to your organisation.

If the training doesn’t fit, go bespoke!

Looking to energise your team? Simply tell 360 what your challenges are and we will build you a tailored programme, addressing your organisation’s goals and challenges. And, if there’s something in our development portfolio you’re interested in but you’d like it tailored with parts of another course, just ask. We can mix and match any elements to find you the perfect fit.

Available as both handy Bite-Size workshops and longer more in-depth workshops, this is people development on your terms.

What we cover

  • Helps your team overcome its key challenges
  • Focuses, stretches, tests and motivates
  • Raises overall team performance

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