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Runners & Riders - Place Your Bets!

How was your 2022? Unpredictable? Stretching? Impactful? We’d say a 'hell yes' to all of the above. It’s certainly been our most successful year in terms of number of workshops run and delegates trained, but it did sometimes feel a bit like a horse race. There have been a lot of different development themes jockeying for position and it would be a challenge to name our hardest working one.

Straight out of the gates in 2022

Not surprisingly at the beginning of the year most of our conversations were about how we could support our clients with their new ways of working. Making Hybrid Work dominated the first 3 months of 2022.

A lot of people were also looking for ways to kickstart their year. The Momentum Mindset helped them to do just that. Getting their teams focused on what their priorities and potential blockers were.

Coming up on the inside

A surprising late runner has been Assertiveness with over 25% of our new client briefs including this core competency

Making a late dash for line

It’s clear people are thinking about the challenging times that lie ahead. Over 18% of our workshops in this final quarter were focused on Negotiation and Difficult Conversations

One to watch

You’ve committed to the ambition of building diverse, equal and inclusive workplaces, but have your people got the skills they need to play their part?  We’ve run multiple Inclusive Leadership programmes giving our learners the skills they need to practice what you preach.

Odds on favourite

Take it from us, if you’re going to invest in anything in 2023, make it your First Time Managers. You want them to hit the ground running making an impact from day one. It’s been our best-selling workshop for 3 years straight, and already represents over 20% of our future business for next year.

If you’ve got any downtime in the coming weeks, we promise you’ll find something valuable in our Manager’s Toolkit Magazine. Download it below and save it to read when you’ve got a few minutes.

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