Just how resilient are your people?

Posted by on 28 August 2020

Just how resilient are your people?

Last year it was all about mindfulness. This year, so far, it’s all been about resilience. Organisations are waking up to the fact that change is the new constant. For most of us this means having to build our team’s ability in dealing with some of the challenges that change can bring. So how do you go about building resilience levels? Quite simply you start by helping your team to understand and appreciate what resilience is as well as how to recognise any non-resilient behaviours they might be demonstrating. We’ve been surprised by the number of people who tell us they hadn’t realised their behaviour could be classified as a non-resilient behaviour. Once it had been highlighted employees can readily see the challenges that particular behaviour brings. In a lot of cases that’s been enough. Raising awareness of the potentially negative impact of non-resilient behaviours can sometimes be all you need to start raising resilience levels. So why not consider a resilience health check? Identify behaviours which might be derailing optimism, initiative and problem solving across your organisation.


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