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Inclusive Leadership

4 - 15
Full Day / Bite Size

Are your Leaders setting the right tone? Do your employees feel that they belong and have a vital part to play in the success of the organisation? The more people feel included, the more involved and responsible they become.

Inclusive Leadership is emerging as a critical Leadership capability. It may already be modelled through your organisation’s purpose, policies, and practices, but the most important factor in achieving authentic inclusion is the mindset and behaviours of your Leaders.

What your Leaders say and do makes a significant impact on how your employees engage with your organisation. Do they feel valued and that they belong? Do they believe they are treated fairly and respectfully? The more people feel included, the more they speak up, make recommendations, highlight and tackle challenges, go the extra mile, and collaborate. All of which will have a significant impact on driving organisational performance.

We have identified a cluster of six behaviours the Inclusive Leader will model. Through a series of interactive and practical workshops we will explore each behaviour, encouraging your leaders to assess how inclusive their current practice is. We will identify how to amplify the things being done well and we will also ask your  leaders to commit to identifying and exploring those behaviours that might need some improvement.

Who is this suitable for?

Leaders that want to cultivate an inclusive environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.

What we cover

Six Behaviours of Inclusive Leadership


Visible commitment: Leaders articulate authentic commitment to diversity, challenge the status quo, hold others accountable, and make diversity and inclusion a personal priority.


Humility: They let go of the need to be right; accepting there is more than one way to interpret and respond to the world and that their view is limited. They are modest about their own capabilities, admit mistakes, and create the space for others to contribute.


Curiosity about others: They demonstrate an open mindset and deep curiosity about others, listen without judgment, and seek with empathy to understand those around them.


Mindfulness: They deliberately reflect on how bias is influencing their interactions and decision-making, acting with a conscious intent to be fair. Working hard to spot flaws in the system and ensure a meritocracy.


Purposeful collaboration: They empower others, pay attention to diversity of thinking and psychological safety, and focus on team cohesion.


Emotionally Intelligent: They respond to others with empathy and regulate their emotional response in challenging and difficult situations.

Your questions answered

Can this workshop content be tailored to my organisation?

Yes. We tailor all our workshops in line with your needs. If you want something built to address a specific challenge talk to us.

What is the maximum number of delegates I can have on each workshop?

All our workshops are interactive so smaller groups work best. Ideally a maximum of 12, but depending on the nature of the workshop and budget we can occasionally stretch to 15.

What is the minimum number of delegates I can have on each workshop?

We run plenty of workshops for smaller organisations who may only have a handful of people who need development. 4 would be the minimum.

Do you run open workshops where individuals can attend?

Yes, we run these for Management Essentials, First Time Manager and Difficult Conversations. Please contact us for more details

Can this workshop be delivered remotely?


Which online platform do you use for workshop sessions?

We normally use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Please talk to us if you have a specific platform you’d like to use.

Can this workshop be delivered face to face?

We are running face to face sessions as well as virtual sessions. We will continue to adhere to government guidance as the workplace evolves.

How long is this workshop?

Our virtual bite size workshops can be 90 minutes or 2 hours. Our full day virtual workshops are broken down into 2 sessions of 3 hours each, run on separate days.

Our bite size face to face sessions are 2 hours. Half days are 3 hours, and full days start at 10am and finish at 5pm with an hour for lunch.

How interactive is the workshop?

We have built our reputation on building interactive workshops where we drive delegate engagement and interaction throughout the session.

Will I need to do any preparation?

It depends on the programme. This is driven by you and your organisational needs.

Will delegates need to have their cameras on?

We prefer delegates to be visible as we believe it encourages participation and interaction.

Are the workshops compatible across different time zones?

Yes, we deliver workshops around the globe and across different time zones.

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