Time For Change?

Posted by on 3 August 2018

Time For Change?

All of us will have faced change of some sort at some stage over the past 12 months. Maybe you’ve had to restructure or remodel your business, adapt different ways of working, have asked team members to take on extra responsibilities or even different adopted new working practices. It is your ability to manage the change process and engage your employees in that change that will dictate your success in business moving forward. But why are we all so conditioned to fear change? You can guarantee for every one person who greets the news with a “well let’s give it a go” there will be two or three who will react with a “I don’t think so buddy“. Our research has shown us that it’s not necessarily the change itself that causes the problems, it’s the way the change is formulated and announced which often disengages the team from the process.

So what can you do?

Conduct an impact analysis, work out who will be affected by the change and in what way. Then put yourself in their shoes and think about the best way to communicate the message, paying particular attention to the resistance and objections they may have. Beware of obvious spin, nothing will switch your team off quicker than a message that just doesn’t add up. Answer the concerns as fully as you can, listen to the concerns, give people an opportunity to tell you what they think but be clear with the reasons behind and the benefits of the change.


Our clients include:

British Standards Institute
Saatchi and Saatchi
United Nations
Nature Publishing Group
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Penguin Random House
Google DeepMind

It is unusual and hugely valuable to find a training company like 360 who can provide a flexible and pro-active solution that contributes so directly to commercial outcomes.