The Elephant In The Room

Posted by on 3 August 2018

The Elephant In The Room

Is there an elephant in your room?  When you gather your team for your team meeting is there, as the saying goes, an elephant in the room that no-one is talking about?

If all leaders were to answer this question honestly, in the vast majority of teams the answer would be YES.  The “elephant” may take many forms: the under-performing team member that the rest of the team resents, the conflict simmering between two team members, or the difficult conversation that the leader is putting off having because it is just too….well - difficult.  But whatever the elephant may be, its impact is always the same.  It harms the team’s results.

Time for a quick piece of self-coaching.  Firstly admit honestly to yourself: what is the elephant in your team?  Secondly force yourself to confront the full impact that the elephant trampling unchecked is having - on the morale of your team and the results they achieve.  Next, allow yourself for a moment to visualise a future where you have fully and successfully addressed and resolved the elephant in your team.  Envisage the positive impact that has on your team, their results and your own leadership.

It may not be easy, but the benefits to be gained from resolving issues within teams means doing so is always worth the investment.  So make now the time that you tackle that underperformance, resolve that team member conflict or have that courageous conversation.  Because when there’s an elephant in the room that no-one is talking about - it is actually action, not talking, that makes the difference.


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