Reset Toolkit for 2021

Posted by on 3 February 2021

In January, as ‘Lockdown 3’ struck, we reflected on what people are going to need to help them navigate their way through 2021. It feels like a never-ending set of challenges with the working environment already being disrupted for the best part of a year.

Last year, ‘Lockdown 1’ brought different emotions and different experiences. We saw heightened anxiety, considerable ambiguity, and an overnight change to the world of work. We also noticed a wave of fortitude, and a determination to make it work. Without fail, every organisation we work with has managed to do this well.

But now, 10 months on, resilience tanks are running low, people are starting to feel disconnected from each other, and some relationships are being tested.

So we’ve developed the Reset Toolkit, a workshop that we believe addresses all of the challenges that your team may face throughout 2021.

Click here to have a look, and if this sounds relevant for you and your team, let’s talk.




Our clients include:

British Standards Institute
Saatchi and Saatchi
United Nations
Nature Publishing Group
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Penguin Random House
Google DeepMind

It is unusual and hugely valuable to find a training company like 360 who can provide a flexible and pro-active solution that contributes so directly to commercial outcomes.