Is email destroying the art of communication?

Posted by on 3 August 2018

Is email destroying the art of communication?

Email is now the world’s biggest business enabler – but is it also destroying the art of communication?

It’s incredibly tempting to hide behind email. It’s easy to email negative comments to colleagues without being there to witness the reaction. It’s also very easy to fracture rapport that can take so long to build.

It robs us of the non-verbals that can account for as much of 70-80% of communication. It strips us of pitch, pace, emphasis and tone, as well as the body language we consume during a face-to-face meeting. Without these, misinterpretation is easy.

So think. Too many of us are attached at the hips to our phones, or all too eager to rattle out an email to a colleague or associate, even when they're sat just a few feet away. Email may be great for scheduling meetings or confirming appointments, but if you're looking to build a relationship or discuss something more personal, perhaps a phone call or face-to-face meeting may be more appropriate.

As they say, it's good to talk.


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