Xray Specs?

Posted by on 3 August 2018

Xray Specs?

Ever hired someone who you think is just the perfect recruit? Someone who you think will hit the ground running, could soon be challenging for employee of the month and seems like a natural fit with the existing team. Only to have their evil twin turn up and have the opposite effect to the one you’d hope they’d make? Our experience has shown us that you probably didn’t spend enough time during the interview really getting to know your candidate.

Your initial delight at finding someone who looks good on paper, seems to have the right background and appears enthusiastic about the role leads you to spend the rest of the interview in a rosy glow - willing the candidate to say the right things and not really asking the challenging questions that help you to really get underneath the skin of your interviewee. Skills can be developed, knowledge can be built but changing attitudes and personalities can be nigh on impossible. Fix in your mind the behaviours and attitudes, even values that you want from the person joining your team. And then make sure you spend enough time asking the right questions and getting to the real person.


Our clients include:

Macmillian Cancer Support
British Standards Institute
Saatchi and Saatchi
United Nations
Nature Publishing Group

360 Training was described by our Head of Operations as the best training they had ever received, and I wouldn’t think twice about hiring their services again. Many thanks for your hard work and support.