I is for Innovation

Posted by on 3 August 2018

I is for Innovation

What is innovation? More often than not, it’s simply about challenging the status quo – and in tough times it’s more important than ever.

Innovation can be difficult for any business to handle. Done the wrong way it can be extremely messy. But it’s essential for any organisation not wanting to be paralysed… and left behind by its competitors.

Of course, it’s easy to prescribe to the ‘If It Isn’t Broken Don’t Fix It’ school of thought. But every business needs to remember that standing still gets you nowhere, trapping you in a culture of inertia resistant to change.

Bin the phrase “we’ve tried that before and it didn’t work”. Ideas are at their most vulnerable in their infancy. Give your team room to propagate and explore the commercial realities of their ideas and solutions. Make it as simple as possible to get new ideas and solutions off the ground.

Remember that incremental change is easier to swallow. Take small steps towards innovation, looking for quick, small wins that get good attention. Gain momentum and you’ll soon start shifting perceptions and gathering support.

Learn to recognise any barriers for innovation that may actually be holding your organisation back - such barriers include fear, apathy or inertia, dismissing coal face opinion and perhaps the most common? Lack of external stimulation, relying on internal resources to stimulate.


Our clients include:

Macmillian Cancer Support
British Standards Institute
Saatchi and Saatchi
United Nations
Nature Publishing Group

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